How To Get Great Results For Your Clients (And Get More High Paying Clients)

While goals, values, and motivations vary in range from business owner to entrepreneur but in the end, most of us share the same core desire: produce great results for high paying clients.

It’s really a never-ending quest for both new and seasoned business owners. We’re constantly striving for ways to better serve our customers and clients while reaping the rewards of a job well done.

After all, they tend to go hand in hand. In this blog post, we’ll go over ways to get great results for your clients and get more high paying clients with your business. If you’re just getting started with your business, the prospect of landing high paying clients can seem impossibly out of reach. I get that. And yes, there’s a certain amount of skill involved with delivering the type of results that high paying clients expect.

But even as an established entrepreneur, attaining high-quality clients can be challenging simply because they’re missing a few basic yet vital pieces of the puzzle. Either way, the following tips will get you well on your way to making your clients, business, and wallet happy:

#1: Make sure you’re working with the right people

Working under less-than-enjoyable circumstances, whether it be a nightmare client or too little pay, can create feelings of dread and make the overall project seem daunting.

Ultimately, your performance and final product will take the hit. Which could potentially reflect poorly on you. You want to avoid taking that route entirely by conducting some client recon prior to doing business. First, know the qualities of your ideal client as well as the red flags and keep them fresh in mind throughout the process.

Say you only work with high paying clients. Look for evidence they already value what you offer. Do they show signs of making previous investments in line with your industry? Talk to colleagues, Google their name, scope out their social profiles, and ask the prospect qualifying questions to ensure they can afford you.

With a little sleuthing and some direct conversation, you’ll collaborate with the right people and happily produce those incredible results.

#2: Get crystal clear on what you do and what you don’t do

Many entrepreneurs want to do it all.

They spread themselves thinly across multiple offers in fear of missing out on potential clients. But really, it could prove to be even more costly to your bottom line. See, each item on your menu demands energy and focus and taking on too much can dilute the quality of your work. But if you focus on one core offer and one result, you can go all in.

Now you can tailor your marketing and messaging to one type of client who's more than happy to pay top dollar for top-notch work that’s sure to produce desired results.

So don’t be afraid to clarify what you do and don’t do in order to simplify your business. Deepen your focus on one specialty offer and use it as leverage to land ideal clients and charge premium prices.

#3: Adopt a Learner’s Mindset

Watching your business grow is nothing short of exciting. But with every new level comes a new set of challenges and when the seas get rough, perspective is everything. So think of every challenge as a learning opportunity and get curious about how to use the lesson to fuel your business.

Study others, both inside and outside your industry, who’ve achieved the type of success you want.

  • What were the steps and strategies that got them to the top?
  • What mistakes were made along the way?

You can use your newfound knowledge to sculpt your own business model. Now if you find yourself struggling, you’re not alone.

Truthfully, nobody I know has it all figured out, including myself. The key is knowing when it’s time to invest in some help. It could be in the form of a book, online course or maybe some professional counsel.

According to a survey by Sage, 93% of small to medium sized businesses acknowledge that mentorship is instrumental to success. Even the greats have coaches, teachers, and mentors who’ve given them the boost they needed to climb to the top.

#4: Constantly hone and refine your process

To get truly great results for your clients and see the most return, all the moving parts of your business have to operate as efficiently as possible.

But parts eventually break, especially under the weight of a growing business. Or maybe the flow of clients has slowed and you need to pinpoint the leak. So rather than play damage control, you want to stay on top of testing, measuring and optimizing the inner workings of your business.

  • What’s outdated?
  • What could be simplified?
  • Could upgrading a system save you money in the long-term?
  • Could you delegate certain tasks in order to focus on a more profitable area of your business?

Know your numbers so you can dial in on what’s working and what’s not.

Constantly refining your process will open the capacity to serve current clients as well as handle new ones.

#5: Charge enough

Entrepreneurs think they’re being generous by undercharging for their products and services. There’s a few problems with this mindset.

One, people don’t value free or cheap so if your prices are low, they’re likely to assume you’ll deliver subpar results which brings me to point two.

If you’re putting in way too many hours for very few dollars, you’ll be burnt out, frustrated and resentful toward the project or client.

And you very well might deliver those subpar results.

Something else to keep in mind: it’s hard to do great work with a limited budget so charging enough prevents you from selling yourself and the client short of those great results.

You’re working to increase their lifetime value and allowing them to feel good by investing in their business. And don’t forget that your prices reflect the value you hold of yourself. There’s a good chance you’re doing a much better job than you think you are and your client appreciates you. S

o value your time, your work, and have the confidence to ask for what you’re worth.

#6: Have a Safety Net

If you’re still uncertain about your abilities and feel a little uneasy, either offer a guarantee or don’t be afraid to give them their money back if it doesn’t work out. Sometimes stuff happens, and there’s no such thing as perfect. But there is such thing as great and when you follow the steps we’ve just laid out, the odds are stacked in your favour to deliver amazing results to your clients. Seth Godin said:

"Our job is to make change. Our job is to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go."

A genuine desire to satisfy your clients along with a passion for progress will add and attract value to your business. To help you get even better results from your marketing today I want to invite you to download your free copy of “The One Page Marketing Cheatsheet” which will not only give you a great free resource to use in your business, but will also give you insider access to my best tips, tricks, and strategies that I don’t share anywhere else.