How To Make An Extra $100,000 A Year on YouTube

When it comes to making money online and specifically on YouTube, there are a lot of different ways to do it.

However, what I'm covering here today are four of the absolute best ways... Starting with the worst, and moving all the way to what I think is the best and most profitable. (Which is also the most enjoyable way that's gonna give you the most revenue, the most profit, and the most control over your business!)

Now, this isn't gonna be one of those clichéd internet marketing articles that tells you you can millions of dollars working from the beach doing absolutely nothing... The fact is if you want to make real money, you're gonna have to do some real work...

But, there are ways to work smarter and not just harder, and that's what we're covering here today... The strategies that we're gonna talk about here today are proven and effective strategies.

These aren't based on theory, but have been proven time and time again... Both in my business as well as a number of my friends and colleagues. And they can work just as well for you if you're willing to put in the work and follow the steps.

So, starting with the worst, moving our way all the way up to the best, here's number one:

YouTube AdSense (i.e. Google Ads)

The most common and most talked about way to make money on YouTube is with AdSense

Basically, with AdSense, you're paid a really small amount for the number of views you have simply by showing some ads, either before or some time in the middle of the video. Now, this is definitely the most common way and the most associated way with making money on YouTube... But it's also an absolutely terrible way, especially because the payouts that you get aren't very big.

And, unless you've got millions and millions and millions of views, you're not gonna be making very much bank. So yes, it can contribute to your bottom line and maybe should be a part of your marketing strategy... But it definitely shouldn't form the bulk of it, which is why it's number one and the worst strategy possible.

Let's move on to number two:

Affiliate Marketing

The next way to get up to that 100K mark a year on YouTube is with affiliate marketing.

Now, affiliate marketing is absolutely, incredibly easy. In fact, you can affiliate sell pretty much anything out there, and probably the biggest and most common one is using Amazon.

Now, just like with AdSense, you are gonna need a decent number of views on your videos in order to drive the traffic to your affiliate sales. But you can go to Amazon as early as today, sign up for an affiliate account, and start promoting products that you strongly believe in.

And I think that's the point I really want to push home here: If you're gonna be doing affiliate marketing, you really want to only promote products and services that you actually use yourself and that you believe in.

Otherwise, you're gonna quickly destroy the trust that you've built up in your channel by suggesting garbage.

Brand Deals (i.e. Influencer Marketing)

Now let's move on to number three, which is with brand deals.

When it comes to doing brand deals on your YouTube channel, there's a number of different ways to do it... And the pay is gonna vary, depending on the niche that you're in, as well as the number of users and subscribers that you have.

Now, the beauty with brand deals is that they can vary widely depending on the level of involvement you want to get with the brand. It could be something as simple as a shout out where you just mention the brand that you happen to be working with and recommend one of their products, or you could do a video exclusively for them.

The rate of pay that you're gonna get for this brand deal (whether it's a quick mention or an exclusive video) is gonna vary depending on your subscriber base. It will also vary depending on the amount of views that your previous videos have gotten, so they can use that to judge how many people are gonna be seeing this.

Basically, what is that worth to you and to the advertiser? Once you figure that out, you can work out an agreement from there.

Alright, number one was AdSense, number two was affiliate marketing, and number three was brand deals.

That's gonna leave us with a fourth way, and in my opinion, the absolute best way to get to that 100K a year mark with your YouTube channel.

The beauty of this fourth and final way is that you can do it with an incredibly small channel, and you can get started really quickly. Now, I hate to talk about overnight successes and not having to produce much work or create too many videos to be able to hit that 100K mark, But the reality is that if you do this fourth step properly and you leverage it with the right targeting and the right niche and the right message... You can hit that 100K mark very quickly.

YouTube Lead Generation

The fourth and final way is to use YouTube as a traffic source for your primary offer or primary business.

Now, obviously, you're going to need a primary offer or a primary business, and this is where a lot of people fall short. They look at it as a quick buck or as a get rich quick scheme where they can just hop on YouTube, make a few videos, and make that 100K a year.

But the reality is, that if you've already got a proven business with a proven business model, a good service or product that people like, well... YouTube is like throwing gas on the fire by driving even more targeted traffic directly to your offer.

So, as I mentioned, this obviously works best if you already have a proven offer and a proven business. But even if you don't, even if you're just getting started, you can use YouTube as a traffic source for your start-up or for your inception idea. So you can test it, get it out to the marketplace, and start collecting sales as early as putting out that first video.

That is, provided you've done the appropriate steps by making sure it's a high quality video, it's gonna rank well in search, and it's targeted at the right niche. Now, using YouTube as a traffic source is gonna give you the highest margins possible.

Rather than getting pennies on the dollar for doing AdSense... Or maybe a few bucks doing affiliate sales... Or maybe few hundred or a few thousand doing brand deals... By using YouTube as a traffic source for your primary offer and for your core offer, you're going to control that media.

And you're gonna be able to get all of the margin from it, which means you're able to hit that 100K mark a lot quicker.

So, that's why I feel so strongly and so passionately about YouTube And about using it as a traffic source to drive views and sales and more revenue for your business... No matter what industry, market, or niche you're in.

Of the four that I've listed, obviously, AdSense is gonna be the easiest. Affiliate marketing, you can get started with as early as today. Once you've got a few views up, you can move into brand deals... And if you've got a business, of course I'm gonna recommend driving traffic to it using your YouTube channel.

They key then, is to get started today! (This may help: