How to Sell High Ticket Coaching and Consulting Services Online

When it comes to selling high-ticket coaching and consulting services online, there's a number of different strategies that can work.

But only one strategy that's been proven time and time again to be far more effective at closing more sales than almost any other one out there. So today I'm pulling back the curtain to reveal...

The secret behind selling high ticket coaching and consulting services online.

Now, I could do the usual thing and hold back the "secret sauce" right 'til the end, but not today, my friend.

Today I'm giving you the goods right up front.

Then and only then will we unpack them. And, I'll give you a super simple but incredibly effective high-ticket lead gen funnel to help you generate more of the secret sauce that I'm talkin' about. Sound good? Alright, here it is:  

The number one biggest secret when it comes to selling high-ticket coaching and consulting services online is that the final sale must take place offline.

What this means is that you're unlikely to close a multi-thousand dollar deal over email.

So you wanna do everything in your power to bring the humanity back and talk to actual people.

You see, the power of high-ticket selling isn't in the lead. It's in the conversation.

As a consultant, my number one goal for my clients and students isn't to help them generate more leads. But rather to help them generate more conversations. Because conversations are where the sale happens.

They're your main focus. Not clicks, not leads, not opt-ins, downloads, or total video views. Just conversations.

So that is the secret sauce. But, I'm not gonna leave you hanging... Let's go through a super simple, but incredibly effective high-ticket lead gen funnel so you can start to generate more of these elusive conversations for your business.

Step 1: Lead Magnet

Now, your lead magnet can take place in any sort of different form. But my advice is to keep it simple and keep it easy. Which means likely a 1-3 page downloadable PDF.

The goal here is to give them as much value as possible, but as little content as possible. Because, if you're doing high-ticket selling, the odds are that your clients are busy.

So make your lead magnet fast, make it fun, and make it easy to consume.

Above all, make sure that it gives them a quick win and it's something that they can implement easily to get that immediate success. This in turn is going to prove that you're an authority and you know what you're talking about. And, of course, that you're able to provide results.

Step 2: Traffic

You're going to need some kind of traffic to send to this lead magnet. When it comes to traffic there's an almost infinite supply out there.

So, my advice here is to keep it simple and stick to the ones that we know work, like Facebook ads, Instagram ads and YouTube ads. Pretty much regardless of your market, you're going to be able to find success on one of those three platforms when it comes to driving traffic.

The key to selecting the perfect traffic source for your market comes down to where your market actually spends their time online. Which, again, if we're looking at it, is likely some combination of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or all three.

Step 3: Opt-In Page

The opt-in page is where you're gonna be sending this traffic to. And it's really just gonna be a super simple standalone web page that you're going to use to collect your customer's contact details.

When it comes to opt-in pages, there are a number of things you can do to optimize them and get even better conversion rates. But my advice here is to keep it simple and keep it consistent.

Meaning, make sure what you're offering in your traffic and in your ad is the same as what's presented on that landing page. Also, when it comes to requesting contact details for your client:

Less is more.

So the more fields you add to your form, and the more contact details you request, the lower your conversion rate is gonna be.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, depending on what you're selling... But it is something to be aware of. Now, when it comes to choosing the absolute best landing page software, you've got Leadpages, and Clickfunnels, and Unbounce and dozens of others out there. T

he point is, they all work pretty well. So just choose which ever one you're most comfortable with. Alright, so once your client has filled in that opt-in page, it's time to deliver those goods...

Step 4: Thank-You Page

The thank-you page is incredibly important. Because it's gonna serve multiple purposes. So the last thing you wanna do with a thank-you page is just say "thank you".

Rather, you want to take this opportunity to make sure that you actually deliver what they just signed up for. Whether by delivering it right there on the page, or at least making reference to the fact that it's on it's way to their email inbox.

And more importantly, you wanna leverage this opportunity to present the conversation.

This is because your prospect is already primed to be taking action. They've already made a few micro-commitments. Well, now it's time to get it in front of them and make sure you're presenting the conversation as the next logical step for them to take.

Step 5: Retarget

When we talk about retargeting, we're talking about advertising (like we were talking about earlier.)

But we're also talking about email targeting. Regardless of whichever medium we're talking about, the goal here is really simple.

All roads lead to the conversation.

So your retargeting ads should all be promoting the conversation. And your follow-up emails should all be promoting... Yep, you guessed it. The conversation.

The beauty of retargeting is that it's gonna give you ample opportunities to follow-up with all sorts of different hooks and angles and messages. Until you find the right one for the right person that gets them to take action and book that conversation.

Alright, so those are the steps to the funnel. Now, if you've never built a marketing funnel before, here's a video that'll walk you through the basics of creating a really effective marketing funnel. But the main point and the thing I wanna leave you with is to remember:

The sale comes from the conversation.

So the marketing funnel is simply a way to build up more know, like and trust, in order to generate and essentially ease and facilitate having more conversations with your ideal clients.

When you get all this right, marketing becomes so much easier. And essentially it allows you to free up a lot more time and a lot more resources. So you can spend more time serving and less time selling.