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Here's What's Inside

Module 1: "Immediate, Automated Wins For Any Client"

Learn how to wow clients with immediate, automated wins. This webinar covers:

  • Google My Business Chat
  • Webchat Widget
  • 2-Way SMS
  • Consolidated Social Chat
  • Missed-Call Text Back
  • LeadConnector Mobile App
  • LinkTree Pages

Module 2: "Calendars - Scheduled Success"

Calendars and online scheduling are critical to any business's success. This webinar covers:

  • The importance of online scheduling
  • Basic Calendars
  • Team & Service Calendars
  • Personalized Booking Pages

Module 3: "Pipelines - Visualize The Funnel"

Learn how to bring the visibility every client craves to any sales process. This webinar covers:

  • The importance of visibility
  • Creating Pipelines
  • How to structure a proper funnel
  • Expanded funnels

Module 4: "Reactivation Campaigns - Leads With Zero Ad Spend"

The ultimate first campaign for any new client. This webinar covers:

  • What is a Reactivation Campaign?
  • Automating Reactivations with A.I.
  • Proven Reactivation offers
  • On-going Reactivation Campaigns

Module 5: "The Fast Five"

The odds of closing a lead dramatically decrease after the first five minutes. Learn how to build the ultimate "first five minute" nurture to automatically turn leads into bookings. This webinar covers:

  • The MIT Leads Study
  • Why businesses can't close leads
  • The ideal first-five minutes
  • Installing & configuring the Fast 5 Recipe

Module 6: "The Ultimate Appointment Automation"

Increase show rates, automate ROI reports, and generate positive reviews all with one automation! This webinar covers:

  • Appointment confirmations
  • Appointment reminders
  • Automated outcome surveys
  • Automated review requests

Module 7: "Reporting - Crystal Clear ROI"

Deliver automated, accurate ROI reporting for cost-per-lead, cost-per-booking, cost-per-sale, and more! This webinar covers:

  • Integrating for success
  • Default vs UTM Parameters
  • Pipeline Reports
  • Appointment Reports
  • Call Reports

Module 8: "Snapshots - Scaling At Lightspeed"

Learn how to onboard new clients in minutes! This webinar covers:

  • Custom Values
  • Creating Snapshots
  • Using Snapshots
  • Sharing Snapshots

Module 9: "Activating SaaS Mode"

Stabilize your revenue and drive your churn rate through the floor by providing Software As A Service! This webinar covers:

  • Services vs SaaS Revenue
  • SaaS Configurator
  • Resale Opportunties
  • Selling SaaS
  • SaaS Support

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