How to ACTUALLY make $10K per month in passive income

...and the 2 big things that transformed my financial life forever.

Author: Adam Erhart

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is a post that I've put off writing for years.


Because it's really hard to talk about making millions of dollars (mostly through passive income sources) while not coming off like a douche.

I think you know what I'm talking about.

I mean we've all seen the videos with people posing in front of mansions, Lamborghinis, and fancy pants boats talking about how they "got rich quick" and are making bajillions of "internet monies" selling dangerous (sometimes even illegal) products, services, and information.

I want nothing to do with that. Because I'm a pretty normal average dude.

I live in a pretty small town.

I'm married with 4 kids (and a dog... who thinks he's a "people")

And I drive a mini-van (...though I did just get a free Tesla... more on that in just a minute).

BUT... (brace yourself for what is hopefully the least douchey statement possible given the circumstances)... I still found a way to make millions a year. Mostly passively.

Which affords me the luxury of financial, location, and time freedom to do what I want, when I want, where I want, and with who (whom?) I want.

And you can do it too.

Because I started with nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch. (...I didn't even know what marketing was!)

But decided that success was something I wanted.

No, success was something I was determined to have (maybe you feel the same way?)

...and so I set out to make it happen.

At first, I made money with active sources which are by far are the best and most obvious places to start.

But very quickly I realized that many of the things I was doing could be done by other people (or software) and so my venture into more passive income generation started to take place.

And there were 2 big things that helped transform my financial life forever.

The first was the decision to start a marketing agency of my very own (and take it seriously!).

The second was finding a marketing software that would allow me to get consistent and predictable results for me, my agency, my clients, and any business that I worked with.

It just so happened to be that the software I landed on (after trying EVERY other software out there) would also go on to earn me tens and tens of thousands of dollars each and every single month.

...and last month (much to my surprise) it turned out that I qualified for some kind of top promoter thing so they bought me a new Tesla (...which seems to have been taken over by my wife and kids)

So with that said, here are some things that I hope might help you be able to do the same.

First, if you're thinking of starting or growing an agency then there is no better program out there than our signature “Agency Accelerator” program which you can check out here: Agency Accelerator

Next, the software I use (the one that transformed my agency and has also made me a ton of money, and got me a free car) is HighLevel and you can get a free 30-Day Free Trial + free strategy session with HighLevel here if that's something you're interested in:

And lastly, the inspiration for this post, is this video that I just released called: The Easiest Way To Build A $10,000/Month Passive Income Agency

I hope you like it. 

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is an email that I've put off writing for years.