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Consider This Your Alternative Marketing Degree


Only better. And faster. And without all that student loan debt. 


I take serious pride in creating some of the highest regarded marketing programs in the world for business owners. If you’re ready to accelerate your business growth, get “unstuck”, and eliminate marketing overwhelm once and for all…


The following workshops, courses, and programs were specifically created to help you as a business owner grow your business, achieve your goals, and cut years off the learning curve (…and for far less than it would cost to go to business school).


From free to premium and everything in between. Here's where to get started.

Step 1

(Free Content)


If you're brand new to my world then I highly suggest watching a few of my YouTube videos and signing up for my email list before anything else. Both my YouTube videos and my emails will give you an overview of my strategy, philosophy, and personality. 


Adam Erhart YouTube

(Free Video Training)

Check out my YouTube channel and get immediate (and free) access to over 370+ different business and marketing training videos... plus a few bad jokes.

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(Free Marketing Training)

Get access to 85% of my best marketing strategies delivered directly to your inbox (plus a free copy of my "One-Page Marketing Cheatsheet")

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Step 2

(Marketing Mini-Masterclasses)


Once you've subscribed to my email list and YouTube channel and watched a few videos the next step is more of a "choose your own adventure" kind of thing depending on your business and goals.


There are 3 Marketing Mini-Masterclasses below which are strategic, actionable, value packed trainings that you can complete in under 2 hours and all cost under $50. 


Whether you want to map out a marketing plan, create content that converts, or make sales with simple emails, one of these Mini-Masterclasses will help.


Marketing Plan

(Mini-Masterclass $47)

A step by step system to create a powerful marketing strategy and plan that attracts clients, makes sales, and grows your business to 6 or 7-figures… and beyond.

Modern Marketing Plan

Content Marketing

(Mini-Masterclass $47)

Create content marketing for social media, blog, emails, and videos that people actually want to consume -  and that converts them into clients and customers. Automatically.

Content Marketing Champion

Email Marketing

(Mini-Masterclass $47)

A proven email marketing framework that shows you exactly how to write emails for your business that your prospects and clients want to open, read, and buy from. 

Perfect Email Script

Step 3

(Full Courses)


If you're looking for more than a masterclass but less than a premium offer, these full courses are perfect for you. Learn and apply the most important aspects of digital marketing in the Digital Marketing Academy, or learn the right way to start and scale a profitable YouTube channel for your business. 


Digital Marketing Academy

(Full Course $397)

Create digital marketing that works, and eliminate marketing overwhelm once and for all. Get everything you need to create high-converting and profitable digital marketing once and for all. 

Digital Marketing Academy

Video Brand Builder 

(Full Course $397)

Grow your business and generate new clients and sales on YouTube™ ...without wasting hours on social media, hiring an expensive team of videographers, or spending a single penny on advertising.

Video Brand Builder

Step 4

(Premium Services)


My clients are business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers who want to be the best.

From coaches and consultants to agencies and service professionals as well as funded startups all the way up to billion dollar empires… they all want to make an impact and understand the importance of strategic marketing to make change happen. 

How we do it depends on your unique business, goals, and market.


1-on-1 Consulting

(By Application Only)

Over the past 10 years I’ve helped over 800+ business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers install cutting-edge marketing strategies and take profitable action steps to get more clients, make more sales, and grow their businesses.

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(By Application Only)

Scale your online business and fill your programs, courses, and services with perfect fit clients with a psychology-driven, story-based marketing method that’s effective (...and extremely profitable). 

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