Marketing Tools & Resources

Tools Of The Trade


Over the years I’ve tried, battle-tested, and put to use dozens and dozens of tools, software, and different kinds of technology.

This list contains my favorites, and those resources I’ve found most helpful in building my own, and my clients businesses.

You do NOT need them all. The only mandatory tool is an email service provider and possibly a website or landing page service. (Pro Tip: This software will do it all).

So start small. And add on from there.

Marketing Software

Complete Marketing Software

This is my #1 go-to software and it has been for years. The link below will get you access to an extended free trial, a free course, and a free strategy call with the HighLevel team to help you set up and customize the software for your unique business.

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Email and Websites

Email Marketing

ConvertKit is one of the easiest, and yet most adaptible email marketing platforms out there. If you're just getting started with email marketing skip mailchimp and aweber and start here. 

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Domain Names

Fast, easy, and with the most competitive prices I've seen, Namecheap is my go-to when I want to register a new domain name for a business or project.

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Website Hosting

I use WPEngine for all of my Wordpress based websites. All of them. Yes, it's a little more expensive but the speed and safety are unmatched. 

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Course Platform

Kajabi is my main platform that holds all my courses, trainings, programs, and even my main website (this one here). It's a POWERHOUSE that I couldn't live without.

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Social Media

There are few words to describe how cool and powerful MeetEdgar truly is. If you're looking for a better way to manage your social media... check it out now. 

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Marketing and Business

Deadline Timer

Ethical scarcity. That's what Deadline Funnel is all about. Create REAL deadlines with actual consequences that can't be beat simply by refreshing a page or changing computers.

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Video Testimonials

VideoAsk is the fastest and most effective way I know to get high-quality video testimonials from your clients and customers. I use it every day. 

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Direct Mail

Yes. You read that right. Direct Mail! OI use this to send postcards, notecards, and letters to my clients and students automatically. It's a nice touch that everyone appreciates.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is complicated. SERanking helps make it just a little bit easier to track your rankings, keywords, and do research to help you rise to the top of the search engines. 

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YouTube Marketing

If you have a YouTube channel then TubeBuddy is mandatory. From keyword research to split testing titles and thumbnails it will help you grow your channel. 

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Trademark Registration

Have a name or logo you want to protect? You could try to DIY the legal process or... you could just Trademark Angel. Easy. And nice people too.

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Audio Transcription

Turn your video and audio files into text for use as a blog, social media post, or just to review later. I use Rev every day. Amazing and accurate. 

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SEO Checklist

step-by-step guide to every important SEO action you need to take to optimize your website and get more organic traffic. Use coupon code "ADAMERHART" to get 25% off.

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Email Marketing Tool helps make sure that your marketing emails end up where they should, your audience's inbox.

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Social Media Graphics

There's not much Canva can't do. From social media graphics to templates and backgrounds and headers and so much more. 

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Pretty Much... Everything.

I use Envato Elements every single day. They have stock video, images, graphic templates, slide decks, music, logos, literally everything. 

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Music and Sound Effects

Heard a tune you liked in one of my videos or on my YouTube channel? The odds are good that it came from Epidemic Sound.

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Royalty Free Images

Thousands of royalty free images and videos to use for whatever you're working on. Just type in your keyword and brace yourself for options.

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Social Media Videos

Turn your videos into social media assets by adding titles, captions, and music quickly and easily. I use ClipScribe almost every single day.

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I design my YouTube thumbnails with Photoshop. My editor uses Adobe Premiere for our YouTube videos. And our designer uses Adobe Illustrator for graphics. 

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Audio Books

One of my secrets to consuming so much content is Audible. I listen to it at least 60-minutes every single day (usually while at the gym).

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Laptop. iPad. Phone.

I use an iMac Pro for my desktop computer. A macbook pro for a laptop. An iPad for iPad stuff. And an iPhone. I'm not a "fanboy" but it's nice and easy and everything just works. 

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Yellow Legal Pads

Simple. Basic. Cheap. Yellow legal pads for writing and notes. I buy these in bulk and they help me get ideas out of my head quickly. These are another staple in my office.

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